Volunteer Desiree Negron

“Just meeting all the single parents is a reward in itself, the amount of strength they have amazes me.”

Desiree Negron, a beautiful woman and a dedicated volunteer, came to Singleton Moms in 2011 with her sister, Netis, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. While we provided financial and household support to Netis, Desiree stood by her, helping her through the unending difficulties of life with cancer. “Singleton Moms helped my family in so many ways I am forever grateful.” She enjoys volunteering at the Singleton Kitchens, preparing meals for parents and holding house cleanings for moms because she knows how helpful these contributions are to life of a single parent with cancer. Several years ago she became a Care Coordinator to help Singleton Moms continue to make a difference for single parents with cancer, and that she has continued.

Outside of volunteering, Desiree works a busy schedule, as a pharmacy technician at Salibas Pharmacy. On top of volunteering as a Care Coordinator and working full time,  she has coordinated memorable events for the parents. With the help of friends, Desiree created a small event in 2012 called “Beautiful You” which allowed a few of the moms a day of beauty followed by a Glam photo shoot. Seeing all their beautiful smiles and how much fun they had makes her hope this becomes a large event they can continue to hold each year.

Although she gets very close to parents, and has a hard time when a Singleton Mom receives her angel wings, Desiree has stayed connected to Singleton Moms through the years as she has built relationships with parents and has an unwavering desire to be a part of their lives.  “They all help me just as much as they feel I help them. I feel I’m just a new friend helping a friend in need.” She looks forward to bringing in more friends to help support the parents in a variety of ways.

“There is no better exercise for your heart then reaching down and lifting someone up” Desiree