Chelsea Cabanillas came to Singleton Moms after hearing about Singleton Moms at a networking event.  Tessa, a longtime Singleton Moms volunteer, , invited her to help clean a home for a Singleton Mom. Since then, she has become more involved, continuing to clean homes with Tessa, but also taking a leadership position and managing our Scottsdale and North Phoenix Kitchen events, and being an ambassador of the organization. Chelsea, a young small business owner, loves being involved in her community and also serves as a volunteer for New Pathways for Youth and the Ronald McDonald House.

Here is what she had to say about being a part of Singleton Moms.

What has been some of your most rewarding volunteer experiences?

Singleton Moms is such a unique organization, there is so much to love. Every opportunity to help has been beyond rewarding. I love that I get to help in a way that relieves a family of some of their stress and worry in a very difficult time. I love the chance to get to know the staff and fellow volunteers. I have honestly met some of the most beautiful people in my life. I feel better just knowing that sort of love and kindness exists in this world. Jody has created something magical and I am honored to play a small part in it.

What are you looking forward to doing with Singleton Moms in the future?

As one of the Kitchen Managers for the Scottsdale Kitchen I always look forward to our monthly Kitchen events. The experience is fun and our volunteers always seem to have a great time. I am also on Team Debby with Care Coordinator Tessa. I LOVE to go to our monthly house cleanings. I love to spend time with my team and help clean for Debby. Our Mom Debby, is always so grateful and appreciative.  Tessa does such a great job making us all feel so appreciated and loved. It is always a great day!

What brought you to Singleton Moms?

I heard about Singleton Moms through a networking event. Ginnie Rowe spoke about the organization with such love, I had to get involved. I have never looked back. Thank you Ginnie!!

What keeps you here?

I keep coming back because we are needed. I believe in showing this kind of love and support to those that need us in our community. I keep coming back because I constantly meet people within this organization that inspire me to become a better version of myself. I feel loved for who I am and what I have to offer but still encouraged to keep growing. The strength that surrounds this group of people is almost tangible. That is special and I always want to be a part of it.


Photo caption: Chelsea (right) with her sister at the 2013 Giving Hands Ball