At a networking event in 2010, Chelsea Cabanillas met  the evening’s speaker, Ginnie Rowe, from The Singletons Board of Directors. The Singletons mission, to offer practical support to single parent families  diagnosed with cancer, immediately spoke to Chelsea’s heart.  In her words, “I was hooked. I had to get involved.”

Raised by a wonderful mother who made sure her children knew the value of volunteering (by taking them with her to events as a family), Chelsea has always been driven to help.

By the time she was in college, the family experienced a scare when her (now single) mom experienced a close call with her own serious cancer diagnosis.  “We were blessed to learn she didn’t have the serious kind they thought. But the pain of thinking she was in harm’s way was the worst feeling I have ever had in my life. So fast forward a few years later, I hear about a place that’s all about trying to ease that pain. Well sign me up!”

Since 2010, Chelsea continues to help as a Volunteer Kitchen Manager, helping groups with meal prep each month at Dream Dinners locations around the Valley.  She not only brings the freshly prepared meals back to The Singletons freezers, she has helped deliver them to families, along with much-needed household goods.  Year after year Chelsea also volunteers at The Singletons annual fundraisers and offers assistance in a variety of other ways.

This AZ Native not only dedicates her time to helping others in a hands-on way, she also makes a living helping others, as the owner of her own insurance agency since 2011.

When asked ‘Why?’ her answer was simple: “Meeting all the beautiful humans that come together to make a positive impact in each other’s lives. There is nothing more humbling or inspiring. I come back because I wholeheartedly believe in The Singletons mission, the leadership and all the people who make this community what is it.”

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