What is the HUB?

It's not a building, it is a family.

We are all the HUB


In 2009, The inaugural Singletons Board of Directors had their first strategic planning retreat, purchasing a building that would be a home away from home for our Singletons families was realized and became a priority.

For the last 11 years, The Singletons Executive Director, Jody Farley, has toured countless properties all over the Valley in search of the perfect home for The Singletons. Finally, in January of 2020, the organizations leadership purchased The H.U.B., which we plan to transform into a community, resource and activities center for single parent families battling cancer.

The HUB stands for Help Us Build: Hope, Strength, and Community for single parent families battling cancer. The Singletons would like to create a youth-focused family room within the building where the children and teens in these at-risk families can relax, play games, and just be kids. Additionally, all of our current programs and day-to-day activities will all be conducted at The HUB. Including our most popular program, Singletons Kitchen. Sunday dinner with the Singletons will be a monthly event. We will grow our own food in our Singletons Hope Garden as well as provide educational classes with a focus with a focus on health, wellness and the importance of FUN.

The HUB is not just a building. It is a family, a community space in which cancer does not live. The HUB will be a place where single parent families will come together, surrounded by their Singletons family, and heal.

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The Singletons is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID #35-2280372