We have some EXCITING news for our Singleton supporters and families.

After 14 years, my true vision for The Singletons is coming to life. Many of you know me as Jody Farley, Executive Director and Founder of The Singletons. For many of the families we serve, my staff and I are known as “family” and a safe place for them to find peace amongst the chaos.

The Singletons have walked alongside Arizona families as they face the many challenges cancer has brought into their lives. The vision has endured; bringing hope and strength to BRAVE, single parent cancer warriors, raising their children the best they can, in a world that continues to demand the same financial responsibilities and expectations as it did the day before they were given the worst news of their lives.

Before The Singletons existed, single parent families battling cancer had virtually no support services in their community. I know this because I myself made the calls on behalf of my friend, looking for programs that supported the daily struggles of cancer patients in Phoenix. 14 years later, I continue to hear the exact same thing from the parents who call us seeking assistance.

One of our Singletons parents, Michelle B., approached me with a big hug at our holiday party and said, “They tell you that there are all of these resources for you. You get lists and resource guides filled with phone numbers and email addresses. I spent days calling each and every one of them. The Singletons is one of the only organizations who called me back. The Singletons is the ONLY organization who has consistently provided for my family month after month.”

I am proud to announce that we have taken a huge step forward in our Singletons journey. At the beginning of February 2020, The Singletons organization was able to purchase a property on Bell Road that will be transformed into the first Singletons’ community center for single parent families battling cancer. Dubbed “The H.U.B Project,” we are asking our supporters to Help Us Build: Hope, Strength, and Community amongst the families we serve.

It is all very exciting! We will be updating you regularly on our progress. If you would like to take a look for yourself by scheduling a tour please email HUB@TheSingletonsAZ.org.

With Gratitude,

Jody Farley
Executive Director/ Founder
The Singletons

Supporting Single Parent Families with Cancer