Thank you to Pinkwellchick Foundation for donating 20+ “Barb’sBags” to give to single parents battling cancer, at Singleton Moms! Please take a look at the website to see what they are all about! Keep up the good work Pinkwellchick!!!

Barb’s Bag of Care & Comfort is an actual bag filled with essential items for chemotherapy patients to not only survive but thrive during their chemotherapy treatments. Think of it as a chemo survival kit!
The bag includes a range of wearable items, personal care items, gadgets and accessories including:
  • blanket & pillow
  • non-slip socks
  • lotion, lip balm
  • potpourri sachet
  • lemon and ginger drops
  • journal & picture frame
  • puzzle books
  • informational pamphlets
  • sponsor-donated items (if provided)
Through fundraising efforts, events, survivor essentials, productions of Life in the Cancer Lane and financial support of other organizations, allies and partners, Pinkwellchick Foundation:
  • raises awareness of breast cancer and heart disease
  • supports breast cancer and heart disease research
  • works for better detection, diagnosis and cures for breast cancer and heart disease
  • supports those diagnosed with breast cancer and heart disease and their families