Together we are meeting the needs of today and providing hope for tomorrow.


what we do

The Singletons is a homegrown, Arizona based, community dedicated to providing hope and support to single parent families with cancer.


Life doesn't stop with a cancer diagnosis. It is not easy. The uncertainty is scary. This is why The Singletons exists. We provide a wide range of household support that meets the needs of today, while providing hope for tomorrow.

Singletons Pockets:

A stipend applied directly toward a household utility

Singletons Kitchen:

Nutritious family dinners that simplify meal preparation and promote time spent as a family.

Singletons Seeds of Strength:

SOS is a support group for parents to find camaraderie and enjoyment in a simple night out. No one knows what it is like being a single parent with cancer, except another single parent with cancer.

Singletons Bare Necessities:

Restocks the families' home with a supply of most-needed household items (such as laundry, detergent, papel towels, toilet paper, etc.)

Singletons Kids:

Fun activities, gifts and events provided to our Singletons kids in an effort to provide them with the positive childhood memories they deserve. 

YOU provide hope to single parent families with cancer


Each family has a story to share, get a picture of what they are going through.

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You can give strength to a family in need. Your support is the fuel to help many more single parent families with cancer.