This month we had to say one of our most difficult goodbyes when beautiful mom, Bekki Neugart left this world. As we mentioned on Facebook last week, she left us at a loss for words, with tears in our eyes, and an emptiness in our hearts. Selfishly we were not ready to say goodbye to her.

She has been such a big part of Singleton Moms as we have grown and strengthened through the years. Our strength has come from her, and the many moms like her, who continue this unfair fight against cancer and those whose journey in this world have come to an end. A day has not passed without her appearing in our conversations and we can’t shake this heaviness from our hearts.

Bekki was an advocate at Singleton Moms for parents to have a space to share with each other their struggles, their fears, their hopes, and their dreams. She stood at the core of our self-run Seeds of Strength support group, where parents confide in each other, support each other, and enjoy each others companionship.

With a spirit of giving, and the insight and experience to see the value and need for this program, she encouraged parents to become a part of this group, to have faith, and to know they are not alone.

Bekki – we hope you know how much you have meant to us and how grateful we have been for you. Thank you for your contribution and service to Singleton Moms.