Mom Angela
Angela Harris, a 39 year old mother of three was diagnosed with Stage Three, Triple Negative Breast Cancer on September 14th, 2012 while she was pregnant with her third child.

Just three months before her diagnosis, Angela was excited! She had started a new job, a temporary to permanent position, and had just bought a van. But along with her diagnosis of cancer came additional hardship and disappointment. By the end of September, the company she was working for decided not to renew her contract, hence losing her job and then her van. As if things couldn’t get worse for the family, the father of her three children decided to go his own way and Angela and the kids got evicted from their apartment.

Immediately she began her fight to stay alive. Shortly after her diagnosis, she had a lumpectomy and then her first round of chemotherapy while she was still pregnant. On November 9th, 2012, her labor was induced and she gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy, Mason, the newest addition to her beautiful family. Ten days later she had her second surgery and a chemo port placement. When performing the second surgery, the doctors found that the cancer had continued to grow.

As a result of this “downhill spiral of events” happening in Angela’s life, she and her children moved back in with her parents, where Angela’s caregiver is her 70 year old mother.“I can’t thank my mother enough for everything that she is doing for me and my children; without her, I don’t where I would be.”

Angela’s children are full of personality and love. While baby Mason is happy in everyone’s arms, Li’l Rocky, who is turning two this month, is a little more timid and reserved, hanging onto his mom and grandmother when he finds himself in a new place or around new people. Four year old Courtney is an incredibly sweet and happy little girl who loves to come with her mom to Singleton Moms’ events, giving out hugs, quickly making friends and jumping right into the fun.

Angela began receiving services from Singleton Moms in January of this year, receiving eight meals a month, a monthly payment towards her bills, and a Care Coordinator, Kimberly, who has helped Angela get a new stroller, diapers, and even an Eye Exam. In a message to others going through cancer, Angela says “Please know that there are people and organizations that really do truly care about you and your family’s well-being during such a hard time in your life. These people have helped in more ways than most other organization or person generally does. Singleton Moms provides the necessities that others don’t.”

Despite the extremely difficult situation Angela has found herself in, her outlook remains positive and she carries with her a contagious smile. We can all learn a lesson from her perspective; “Look for the positive in every day, and appreciate what gifts you have in life. Lean on your support group and try to laugh and smile. If you can remain positive as much as possible, then that’s half the battle. I have everything to live for, I have 3 beautiful Angels to raise, and that is what I intend to do.”