Board of Directors

The Singletons is one-of-a-kind! When it was founded in 2006, there was no existing framework or model to follow, and the Board was made up of friends and family. Those days are long gone, but we still have a proud history of relying on our exceptional Board of Directors to provide the vision and direction that has made Singleton Moms an extremely vital and valuable asset to our community, and especially to the families we serve!

The current 2016-2017 Board of Directors knows that “struggle ends where commitment begins” and their strategic creativity and initiative drives this point home daily for The Singletons’ mission!

The Board of Directors has four open seats.
The Singletons is seeking influential strategic thinkers with consistent follow through and enthusiasm surrounding The Singletons’ mission to serve in the highest leadership role on The Singletons Board of Directors.

Qualified candidates will be;

  • Passionate about our mission
  • Willing to commit time for board meetings, committee meetings, planning sessions, special events
  • Team player – works well in a group
  • Someone who listens well, is thoughtful in considering issues
  • A strategic thinker with excellent follow through and results driven
  • Unafraid of fundraising and community outreach

If you feel that you would be a positive addition to the The Singletons Board of Directors and wish to find out more information about this unique opportunity to serve single parents with cancer in your community, please fill out the Board of Director’s Application and email it along with your resume to

Words cannot describe the never-ending gratitude we hold for the hard work and dedication of all Board Members who have served in the years since our founding in 2006, including past members:

Ellen McManus
Linda Allen
Janet Moore
Chris Peric
Mariah Buckley
Cathleen Davis
Youlanda White – Past President 2014-2015
Mary Masters
Keith Vogel
Janet Story – Past President 2012-2014
Ginnie Rowe – Past President  2010-2012
Theresa Heath
Kendra Sabol
Michelle Hilliker
Erin Hayes
Renae Snowbeck
Rebecca Johnson

Joanna Morrow
Chris Gorman
Rickey Martinez
Matt Morales
Le Bertha Umbriet
LoriAnn Harnish
Kristen Graziano
Victoria Perkins
Susan Gallagher
Craig J. Vom Lehn
Mike Thomas
Neil Berens
April Mack
Yadira Cerpa
Bob Royal