Our Mission

The Singletons is a community dedicated to providing hope and support to single parent families affected by cancer.

Our Vision

To always have a strong awareness of our mission’s purpose while continuously looking to strengthen the foundation of our Singleton community.

Our Values

  1. Compassion: To empathize with the many challenging situations each family find themselves in during this extremely difficult time in their lives.
  2. Appreciation: To display gratitude and respect towards those who give of their time, talents and hearts to serve The Singletons mission.
  3. Strength: To be the courageous voice of advocacy within our community for single parents battling cancer with their minor children. Bringing awareness by telling their stories and providing hope for tomorrow.

Meeting the Needs of Today…Providing Hope for Tomorrow

Singleton Moms StaffMichelle Singleton was a single mom of four children, who was just 32 at the time of her cancer diagnosis.  Her childhood friends Jody Farley and Andy Royal McCandless sprang into action to help their friend, making meals, cleaning their house, paying a bill or two when they were able, and doing their best to “lighten the load” on Michelle and the kids.

As Jody and Andy were quick to learn, practical resources for single parents with cancer were non-existent.  Although Michelle ultimately passed away at the age of 32, the one-of-a-kind model for Singleton Moms’ support services was born.  In November 2006, Singleton™ Moms (now The Singletons) became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and continues to help parents like Michelle during their cancer treatment.

When we can offer single parents battling cancer some respite from household chores, relieve a bit of the overwhelming emotional stress and financial hardship, and give them more ability to recover and enjoy being with their children, that is when we know we are making a phenomenal day-to-day difference.

The community has embraced The Singletons, and we are grateful for all who continue to commit their time, lend their skills, apply their connections, and spread the word.

Our long- term goal is to be in a position where we never have any families languishing on our waiting list … to continue to expand the reach of our programs … and eventually, to build The Singletons™ House, a soothing place where our parents and their families can fully recover from their battles.

Michelle Singleton’s story lives on in the hundreds of families in our community who have been touched with love and support through Singleton Moms!