Singleton Moms is trying something new! Nutrition is very important to Singleton Moms and we not only want to educate our families on ways they may easily introduce more nutrition into their homes, we also want to provide them with the resources they need to make that happen.

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ED Annual Update 2014

Meeting The Needs Of Today…. Providing Hope For Tomorrow

Over the past 8 years people have heard me use the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”. I continue to believe this… and this is the reason why Singleton Moms has been thoughtful about creating a wide variety of comprehensive practical programs focused on the day-to-day needs of an entire family while the home’s primary caregiver, a single parent, is battling cancer. Read more

It just takes one thoughtful person to help make a difference and you can make a difference to The Singletons simply by shopping! We have partnered with Fry’s, Albertsons and Amazon Smile to be the recipients of their rewards programs.  Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to register your Fry’s card, pick up an Albertsons’ card at our office, and/or choosing AmazonSmile for your next purchase!

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Volunteer Desiree Negron

“Just meeting all the single parents is a reward in itself, the amount of strength they have amazes me.”

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Bare Necessities

Hosting a Bare Necessities Drive is an easy and fun way to get involved with Singleton Moms while making a difference to the families we serve.

Anyone can do it; Girl Scout Troops, Sororities or Fraternities, Fraternal Organizations, whole companies or individual departments, National Honors Society students or a student counsel.

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Mom Tiffany & Daughter

Tiffany Montgomery is a Singleton Mom who first joined us in 2011 after her beginning her second battle with cancer. In 2004, Tiffany was initially diagnosed with stage one breast cancer while she was pregnant with her beautiful daughter. Because of her pregnancy, she had surgery and opted out of chemotherapy. Everything seemed to be going well, but in 2011, she was diagnosed with stage IV Breast Cancer with bone metastases.

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Mom Amelia

When Amelia’s son was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in late 2012, Amelia threw herself into his treatment and care. Little did she know that a few months down the road, she would be diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. At age 27, she was overwhelmed with the hardships she was experiencing. Shortly after her diagnosis she lost her job and began fighting her battle against cancer.

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Mom Consuelo with Keeley

Consuelo was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer a few years ago. After several reoccurrences, she has been told that her type of cancer is incurable, she will live with it for the rest of her life. That diagnosis has given her the energy she needs to live her life to the fullest. Now she is doing what she loves, running her business and teaching her son to be a healthy, happy and successful adult.

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Volunteer Laura Matthew

Laura Matthew, our lovely Care Coordinator and new office assistant has been coming in to the Singleton Moms’ office every Friday, ready and willing to be of assistance.

She found Singleton Moms about two and half years ago when she was reading the newspaper. An article caught her attention and she clipped it and saved it for later. Just this year she came across Singleton Moms again, when reading about our Annual Lean on Me Walk. That is when she felt her calling.

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Volunteer Deb Lusk

A few years ago Deb Lusk saw a story about Singleton Moms on the local news. They were surprising one of the founders with a makeover on her car. She was moved by the compassion and dedication she saw in the Singleton Moms Founders and Volunteers.

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