Each of our Parents has a story,  meet Dianna, a single mom with two beautiful daughters.

In Dianna’s own words:

July 19, 2017 my life changed forever I never dreamed of being part of a club that would teach me my strengths.

My name is Dianna Pena and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I was diagnosed at the age of 32 with stage 2 breast cancer. At that time I was in shock to hear the words “You have CANCER,” I never would have thought that I would go through a hard journey.

The first thing that went through my mind was “how do I tell my family”, “what will happen with my daughters”, and most important “will I beat this?” After speaking with my patient navigator at UACC, she referred me to The Singletons. At first I was really shy about asking for help but I was so grateful when December came around and I worried about how was I going to provide a great Christmas. I received an email that reminded me of Bare Necessities ,if I needed any, and an enrollment for Singletons Santa.

In the past months The Singletons has become part my new journey.

When we go through treatment as patients/parents we don’t think about the importance of purchasing toilet paper or any necessities because we are fighting to get better for our children.

Being able to give back too The Singletons too has shown me how much strength we as parents have and that even though I am currently a survivor, I am still part of this community/friends that needs help.

The Singletons has become part of my journey and part of my family. Like my mom told me when I first started this journey “God gives its worst battles to his best warriors” and I’m winning, but with the best army behind me and supporting me.

Thank you The Singletons for opening my eyes and making sure this new Dianna lives making sure all my goals are met.