A clean home reduces ailments, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and lifts the weight off a parent’s shoulders, especially when they are feeling poorly from cancer treatment. It also allows them more time to spend interacting with their children, instead of trying to stay on top of household chores.

Our Care Coordinators(CC) need your help to make sure these parents receive quality cleanings that make them feel better about the time they are spending at home.

Cleanings are located across the valley and only last 2 hours. You meet the Care Coordinator at the parent’s house and they will tell you what to do! E-mail keeley@singletonmoms.org if you would like to brighten someone’s day by making their home sparkle!

Upcoming Cleaning Dates and Locations

  • Help CC Rebecca clean Mom Pamela’s new apartment in Mesa on August 16th at 9am
  • Help CC Carrie clean Mom Maureen’s home in Glendale on August 16th 10am
  • Help CC Rachel clean Mom Issis’ home in Phoenix on August 16th at 12pm
  • Help CC Dee clean Mom Lisa’s home in Glendale on August 18th at 10am
  • Help CC Christine clean Mom Kara’s home in Tempe on August 23 at 10am

Last month we had over 50 volunteers sign up to help with cleaning across the valley… Let’s keep that momentum going!

Please note that must go through our screening process in order to take part for this unique volunteer opportunity.  The first thing to do is attend one of our Volunteer Orientations.