All of our Singleton Families had a blast at our Halloween Party this year which was held at SpoFit Gymnasium in Phoenix. Families carved pumpkins, climbed the rock wall, and took turns batting at an unbreakable piñata.

They had their faces painted, enjoyed snacks and Halloween treats, guessed how much candy corn was in the jar and relaxed in the company of one another. It was another great way for all of them to know and feel that they are not alone as they navigate through the good times and the bad, while living life with cancer. Thank you to all who helped to make this event a success. We could not have done it without you.

  • Brielle Carter & the Spofit Team
  • Diamond Consignment
  • Tessa Miller
  • Mariah Buckley
  • Mary Anne and Stan Berlot
  • Chris Peric
  • Nancy Stirling
  • Janet Moore
  • Ken Gee
  • Abina Phillips & the US Airways Team
  • Cathleen Davis
  • Mary Christ Alvarado
  • Patty Dow

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