Singleton Moms is trying something new! Nutrition is very important to Singleton Moms and we not only want to educate our families on ways they may easily introduce more nutrition into their homes, we also want to provide them with the resources they need to make that happen.

We are really excited to begin providing our families with fresh fruits and fruit juices along with the healthy pre-prepared meals and organic cancer-fighting vegetables we already offer. Adding more produce and juices to our offerings supports them as they choose nourishing food options that increase their overall health.

Juices For ParentsIt is our hope that we can begin distributing fresh juices at our next Bare Necessities Drive on Saturday, May 17th and continue on at each Bare Necessities day on the third Saturday of each month. But we need your help in making this happen. We will provide our families a variety of juices along with recipe suggestions so that they may be able to easily introduce these fresh juices to their family in a multitude of ways.

We would like to start off with offering more citrus fruits such as; grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime. We would also welcome apples and peaches…and any other ideas you have! If you would like to donate these items to our Singleton families we would greatly appreciate it! Please contact us or stop by our Singleton Moms Office.