It is always amazing how fast the year flies by. This year, like years past, has seen highs and lows, grief and triumph. Throughout it all Singleton Moms has continued to reach new milestones all while tackling unforeseen challenges that face us all in this “New” economy.

Jody Farley-BerensThis past fiscal year was our time to focus on the organization’s growth and to put a clear plan in place for our future. Taking all that we have learned over the years and channeling it into a consistent, structured process has definitely proven to be a challenge at times. While Singleton Moms is still evolving, these new practices along with a new support model have allowed us to almost double the amount of families we serve at one time. Last year at this time, Singleton Moms served 8 families per month. Currently, we are serving 15 families per month.

Through the guidance of Director of Care Cassie Robles and Care Coordinator Tessa Miller, Singleton Moms now has a Care Coordinator Handbook so that each Care Coordinator understands their role, responsibilities and expectations in this very unique and vital volunteer experience. The Handbook has also been a great benefit to ensuring the consistency of care for every family we serve.

A further achievement of this past year has been that Singleton Moms now has a Care Coordinator assigned to each family receiving services. We are proud to say that we also have a reserve of New Care Coordinator’s trained and waiting to serve. However, we still find ourselves in need of Volunteer and Care Coordinator support in the West Valley.

The newest addition to our lineup of support the past year was our Bare Necessities program. The Bare Necessities program launched last April and has quickly become a favorite not only amongst the families we support but an often chosen volunteer activity for those who support us. This month we will see the official launch of Just for Me Just for Fun and the Singleton Kids Birthday Cupboard. Both of these services will focus on our Singleton Kids and be headed by the Singleton Kids Committee.

I am most personally proud of the newly founded Seeds of Strength network. Seeds of Strength is a Singleton Moms sponsored social network for past and present Singleton Parents. This tight knit group allows “Our Moms” to share their stories with each other, lean on each other for support and from time to time go out together as a group and have some much deserved fun! Sometimes we all forget just how important a little fun is.

Additionally, since April of 2011 Singleton Moms has grown its Board of Directors by seven members. We also welcome in our new 2012-2013 Board Officers. I wish to thank you all for the commitment you have made to Singleton Moms and those we serve. Our diverse Board of Directors is filled with an abundance of passion for the Singleton Moms mission, personal talent and professional expertise. This year the board will be focused on putting in place a fund development strategy for future sustainability as well as working alongside the Director of Care on strengthening our Volunteer recruitment and training process. We are all looking forward to the contributions that each of these enthusiastic Board Members will bring throughout the year.

We have so much to look forward to! Singleton Moms is optimistic that we will continue to find our way, evolving our existing support services as well as celebrating new successes that will allow us to expand our reach in the community. One thing is certain, we are determined to never sacrifice the quality and unique one-on-one care that sets us apart and is so important to the families we serve through their difficult journey.

I continue to be filled with pride and joy over the accomplishments of this small but mighty organization. Every single one of the parents we serve is an inspiration of strength and love. I am in awe and so very grateful to each of you, our supporters, for the blessings you have brought to Singleton Moms so that we may continue to fulfill our mission of serving single parents with cancer. Thank you for your continued support!

Jody Farley-Berens
Executive Director/ Founding Member