ED Annual Update 2014

Meeting The Needs Of Today…. Providing Hope For Tomorrow

Over the past 8 years people have heard me use the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”. I continue to believe this… and this is the reason why Singleton Moms has been thoughtful about creating a wide variety of comprehensive practical programs focused on the day-to-day needs of an entire family while the home’s primary caregiver, a single parent, is battling cancer.

Singleton Moms Parents Annual LuncheonWhat an amazing year it has been! The strength and positivity that our Singleton Parents radiate is truly inspiring and has been the inspiration for continuing the mission of Singleton Moms. The generosity and love of our volunteers and the support we receive from the entire Singleton community is second to none.

Because of your support, in the last 12 months, donations have increased by 22%. What this really means is that the support we are able to offer to our families has increased too. Not only that, but the number of families we have been able to help has risen from 18 to 45 in the last 12 months. In the past year, Singleton Moms’ volunteers gave 3,830 hours of their time, talent and hearts to nurture families as they battled to survive cancer –  meaning that our parents have not had to fight this battle alone. We are incredibly proud of the dedication and drive Singleton Moms’ volunteers show every day.

Singleton Kitchen VolunteersSingleton Moms volunteers are extremely dedicated and intuitive when it comes to assessing and filling the needs of the families we support. Like any strong community, the Singleton Village thrives on diversity. Our volunteers are from all walks of life. Each person who comes to Singleton Moms has the opportunity find their niche and know that the part they play in making a difference in the lives of single parents with cancer and their children is truly significant. We even had a volunteer compete in the 2014 Miss Arizona pageant with Singleton Moms as her platform for change in the community. This kind of unique awareness brings Singleton Moms one step closer to reaching out to other communities across the country so that we may bring our one-of-a-kind support system to all those in need.

Each and every volunteer, from our kind-hearted Care Coordinators, to our consistent Bare Necessities gatherers, to our enthusiastic fundraisers and focused Board of Directors, plays a very important role in making Singleton Moms the strong organization it is today.

What have we been doing to MEET THE NEED?

In a 12 month period, the total value of all services received for a Singleton family of three is approximately $10,200! These practical day-to-day needs consist of; direct financial assistance, nutritious family dinners, Bare Necessities supplies for the home, Care Coordinator and Team support services and Singleton Kids Programs (Just for Me, Just for Fun, Singleton Santa, and Birthday Bags).

Phoenix Mercury Check PresentationSingleton Pockets is our most challenging program to fund. With that said, because of your support this year, we were still able to increase our direct financial support to Singleton Families by 18%, bringing immediate financial relief with over $45,000 going towards household bills.

Singleton Moms provided 2,160 meals or 8,640 meal portions resulting in nutritious dinners that brought families together and created lasting memories. This means that on any given night of the year at least 23 people in the Valley of the Sun are enjoying a nutritious family dinner provided to them by Singleton Moms…Prepared by you. Very cool!

Our Singleton Kitchen program is expanding with the help of Harvest for Humanity and Vitamix. Harvest for Humanity has begun providing organic, cancer fighting produce to our families on a monthly basis and Vitamix has donated 3 blenders to Singleton Moms, so that we may teach our families how they can introduce cancer fighting produce into their everyday lives.

Singleton Santa- 013Our Singleton Santa program provided gifts to 41 families with 98 children resulting in $34,750 in holiday gifts and an immeasurable amount of joy to our Singleton Families. This is a 45% increase from Christmas 2012!

Seeds of Strength, a brand new program in 2012, was created with the intention of bringing a sense of comradery and sisterhood to the parents we support. Singleton Moms sponsors a “Parents’ Night Out” every month for our parents to come together, confide in and enjoy the company of each other. This group also has a private Facebook page where they can seek out advice from one another, give words of encouragement or find out about upcoming Singleton Moms events and activities.

How will Singleton Moms continue PROVIDING HOPE FOR TOMORROW?

Our hearts remain dedicated to supporting single parents battling cancer and their minor children, by meeting the practical day-to-day needs of the entire family. Our desire is to bring relief during this extremely difficult time in their lives. Each family we meet inspires us and energizes our mission.

2014-2015 is going to be an interesting year for Singleton Moms as the need within the community continues to grow before our eyes. Due to an expanding need for services and resources, Singleton Moms has begun hosting quarterly tours and networking opportunities for Social Workers and other Cancer Professionals in our community. Building these relationships, introducing Singleton Moms programs and learning about the various resources our community has for cancer patients has become a major priority. All of us work so hard, in so many ways, to provide support to the numerous families being affected by cancer in our community. It would truly be a disservice not to make each other aware of additional services and collaborate where possible. All of us at Singleton Moms are very excited to see these relationships grow!

Bare-Necessities-20132014-2015 will bring a new staff member. Heather Szymura will be joining the team as our Fund Development Officer.  Heather, will help Singleton Moms maintain its current growth… Our Singleton Families can’t afford for us to back-slide… The Fund Development Officer will also be responsible for seeking out new funding opportunities for Singleton Moms as well as overseeing the Singleton Moms Events Committee. We are excited to introduce this new phase of sustainability to the organization.

This year also brings new Executive Officers to our Board of Directors. I would like to congratulate and introduce our new officers; Youlanda White (President), Mariah Buckley (Vice-President), Tony Dufresene (Treasurer) and Linda Allen (Secretary). I am extremely excited to be working with this wonderful Executive team, along with the rest of the Board of Directors.

Lastly, Singleton Moms will begin searching for a new Singleton Moms headquarters later this year. Singleton Moms currently resides in 4 office suites with a total of 1,860 square feet. We love our location and leaving will be bitter sweet, but unbelievably we are out of space. We need a location with at least 3,000 square feet. This new, and yet to be discovered, space will give us the opportunity to take each of our programs to the next level for the families we serve, expanding our Singleton Village.

All of our plans and goals are being made in an effort to serve more families, while continuing to give the quality, hands-on, heartfelt care Singleton Moms is known for. By staying true to our mission Singleton Moms has just the right ingredients to prepare for the next chapter of the Singleton story; Love, Hope, Inspiration and Authenticity.

Thank you all for your continued support! Singleton Moms would be unable to give the love, support and caring nature our programs provide if it were not for each and every one of you. Together we are… Meeting the Needs of Today. Providing Hope for Tomorrow!

With gratitude

Jody Farley-Berens
Executive Director