When you first meet Kara, the things you notice about her are her strength, her confidence, and her beauty. As you get to know her, you begin to see a unique and admirable dedication to loving and teaching her beautiful daughter, Ava about life, happiness, and fun.

Kara is living with a very rare type of brain/blood cancer called Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Over 2 years ago, after years of headaches and overall discomfort, doctors found a large tumor in Kara’s head. The tumor was 6.5″ x 5.5″ large engulfing both her brain and her skull. Kara has undergone 2 years of chemo and over 10 surgeries and counting. But the energy Kara offers to the world, and energy which we are so grateful to experience at Singleton Moms, is not that of someone who has been through so much at such a young age.

Kara is a catalyst for change in the cancer world, all while being a wonderful mommy to her little Ava, living life to the fullest while helping others to improve theirs.


Mom Amelia with children
Story and Photo Credit: Laura Gordillo Photography

When you go through so much in life you become “numb” to certain things, my diagnosis was definitely one of those times where I didn’t know what, let alone how to feel, or accept what was going on. I had just gotten back from Tennessee, where my now, 11 year old son was treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for a brain tumor.I had been back at work only 3 months, still working on getting back to “normal”. Now I was being told I, too, had that disease that threatened to take my son only 6 months prior. Within a week of my wellness checkup, I had already had an ultrasound, a mammogram, a biopsy, was diagnosed and a mastectomy in that order.

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Mom Amber and Sister

Meet Amber, a single mom of a high school boy who is dealing with her second diagnosis of breast cancer.  We met Amber in 2012 after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.   She came back to us last year with the news that her cancer had returned, and progressed to Stage 4.  Amber has a spirit like no other. You would never guess she is fighting this terrible disease as she is bubbly and full of smiles. Read more

Mom Tiffany & Daughter

Tiffany Montgomery is a Singleton Mom who first joined us in 2011 after her beginning her second battle with cancer. In 2004, Tiffany was initially diagnosed with stage one breast cancer while she was pregnant with her beautiful daughter. Because of her pregnancy, she had surgery and opted out of chemotherapy. Everything seemed to be going well, but in 2011, she was diagnosed with stage IV Breast Cancer with bone metastases.

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Mom Amelia

When Amelia’s son was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in late 2012, Amelia threw herself into his treatment and care. Little did she know that a few months down the road, she would be diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. At age 27, she was overwhelmed with the hardships she was experiencing. Shortly after her diagnosis she lost her job and began fighting her battle against cancer.

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Mom Consuelo with Keeley

Consuelo was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer a few years ago. After several reoccurrences, she has been told that her type of cancer is incurable, she will live with it for the rest of her life. That diagnosis has given her the energy she needs to live her life to the fullest. Now she is doing what she loves, running her business and teaching her son to be a healthy, happy and successful adult.

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Mom Netis

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams
Netis is one of our beautiful young parents living with cancer. She came to Singleton Moms when were just getting our feet off the ground and has been an important part of Singleton Moms ever since. Her courage and strength has been a continuing inspiration for the work we do. Here is her story:

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Mom Mirynda

Every time Mirynda walks into the Singleton Moms office we get excited. She has a peaceful spirit and spreads her relaxing energy to all she encounters. She loves cooking, photography and doing crafts. She is a wonderful young mother with three beautiful children. Her calming and friendly spirit, and the appreciation she shows the organization puts us at ease!

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Mom Theclia
Theclia Holloway is a single mom of 5 great children, 3 girls; 22, 18, and 13 and 2 boys; 16 and 9. She is a full time student. She is a hard worker and full of energy. She is a sister in this fight to overcome cancer, and she is a friend. Theclia is a Singleton Mom. We feel so blessed that she has come into our lives and has shown all of us how to be strong through our struggles, to be positive through our pain, and to be a part of something greater than ourselves.
Mom Kristan
Kristan, a 50 year old mother of two, Shea (12) and Colter (10), was diagnosed with Stage Four Breast Cancer in 2006 and has been battling ever since.

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