“I tell people about The Singletons all of the time!” ~ Amy, who received help from The Singletons from 2011-2013

As a single mom who worked as an office manager at a veterinarian’s office, with a daughter in high school and a son who was already out of the house, cancer was the last thing on Amy’s mind. But that all changed one November day in 2011. She found a lump the size of a little pea and immediately called her doctor for a screening. The next ten days would tale-spin her into a completely uninvited new world. She had a consultation with her doctor, a radiologist sent her for a PET scan, followed by surgery for a lumpectomy – all within ten days of having found the lump. (more…)

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Jen first found a lump in her breast on a cool September day in 2013 while playing with her 3-year old son. Her doctors found it was benign. But five months later, she found another lump, this time it was a very aggressive form of breast cancer, two tumors barbelled together.


Each of our Parents has a story,  meet Dianna, a single mom with two beautiful daughters. (more…)

Mom Teresa isn’t backing down to her cancer diagnosis. Watch and listen to her story.

Jeffrey is the Dad who does it all. His Stage 4 Liver Cancer is no match for the love that Jeffrey has for his 5 year old daughter. She gives him strength beyond measure to keep living life with gusto and attitude.

Introducing Courageous Mom, Colleen. She refuses to allow her diagnosis of Non-hodgkin’s Lymphoma to stop her from taking care of her 4 kids. Working and caring for her family is what drives this Momma, day in and day out.

Meet Singleton Mom Connie and watch her story.

Meet our Mom Denise, and watch her story.

Meet Singleton Moms Janet and watch her story.

Kevin is special. He is the first Singleton Dad that we have had the opportunity to truly get to know… He is the first Singleton Dad who has had the opportunity to get to know us… and we love him!

He has a kind and gentle spirit and he is a loving and patient father. We are blessed that he has come into our lives.

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