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The H.U.B. Project – March Update

Following our announcement back in February, we want to give  you a sneak peak at The Singletons H.U.B! This center will be a place for single parent households battling cancer to come together and heal. It will be a long road, but everyday we are making progress.  Check out the photo gallery


Meet The Singletons Families | Mum Amy

“I tell people about The Singletons all of the time!” ~ Amy, who received help from The Singletons from 2011-2013 As a single mom who worked as an office manager at a veterinarian’s office, with a daughter in high school and a son who was already out of the house, cancer was the last thing […]

The H.U.B Project Announcement

We have some EXCITING news for our Singleton supporters and families. After 14 years, my true vision for The Singletons is coming to life. Many of you know me as Jody Farley, Executive Director and Founder of The Singletons. For many of the families we serve, my staff and I are known as “family” and […]

Meet The Singletons Families | Dad Kevin

“The Singletons are an extended family. They took me in like they knew me. It’s a no-judgement organization. They don’t know who you are or where you came from. And it doesn’t matter. I was perfectly stable and fine until I got hit with cancer, and it changed my whole world from that day.” Kevin […]


Arizona Tax Credits

Are you taking advantage of the Arizona tax credits available to reduce the amount of income tax you have to pay? If not, you should be. There are a number of opportunities available to benefit The Singletons and other schools and organizations—and contributing may not cost you a dime! A tax credit gives you much […]

Guest blog from Dr. Jake Psenka

Dr. Jake Psenka from Longevity Medical Health Center works with a variety of patients, including those fighting cancer. With nearly 20 years of practice, Dr. Psenka has extensive experience combining naturopathic therapies with conventional cancer care.  He believes in educating his patients about their condition and treatment options so that they can be an active […]

Singletons Sunday Night Dinners

It’s not unusual to find families gathered around a table for a Sunday night dinner. The Singletons Kitchen program has always been a staple in the services we provide, but something special has started on Sunday nights for these single parents with cancer and their children.