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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

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Singletons Moms, DBA The Singletons, is listed as a Qualifying Charitable Organization with the state of Arizona.

This means AZ residents can make a donation to The Singletons and get it back from the AZ Dept. of Revenue
(up to $400/ individuals or $800 if filing jointly on AZ tax return, read more about it here).

You can help support single parent families with cancer, and it may cost you nothing, thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.

I felt so alone…after I was diagnosed with cancer and did not know how I was going to be able to support my kids or if I even could.


I just can’t express how I feel to be accepted by The Singletons. Thank you for everything you guys continue to do to help me and my family. It made all the difference to my family…


Who We Serve

As Singleton Mom, Tiffany, puts it, “I felt so much stronger for having The Singletons.  I feel like a transformed person taking that stress away.  Feeling that gratitude, support and love, turned my emotional world around. ”

Raising a family has its challenges regardless.  Raising a family as a single parent amplifies the stress.  Add a terrifying cancer diagnosis into the mix, along with exhausting treatments, all the while trying to raise a family as a single parent is nearly impossible.  The strength our Singleton Families radiate is truly inspiring.  They are the heartbeat of the organization.

How does your donation work?


Sponsors a fun family event for all our Singletons Families during this difficult time


Provides practical household necessities for a family for 5 months


Serves family style meals to a family for 4 months


Lifts the spirits of a Singletons child with a FUN for Me grant


Pays the electric bill for a family for one month

Make Your AZ Charitable Tax Credit Donation

Magnify Your AZ Charitable Tax Credit Donation

As a featured charity of the Executive Council Charities and their Support Arizona Youth (SAY) Campaign if you make your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit through their website, they will match 25% of your donation to The Singletons.

About Executive Council Charities

Support Arizona Youth (SAY) is the annual campaign for our organization and Executive Council Charities SAY LLC is an approved umbrella organization for the Arizona Tax Credit for both Qualifying Charities (QC) and Qualifying Foster Care Charities (QFCC).   Donors may be eligible for up to an $1,800 tax credit for joint filers and $900 tax credit for single filers and 100% of donations are forwarded on to qualifying charities.