Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, through their Shine On Grant, is generously supporting Singleton Moms’ mission. Voting is open for a chance to win an additional $5,000. Check out our story and vote today! Voting will be open from October 12, 2015 through February 29, 2016.  Thank you Desert Schools!

Vote everyday via this link

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Sonoran Living hosted Cathy on November 6 and she did a great job explaining the Shine On program and sharing a little bit of information about each organizations

Shine On

Our commitment to service was born in 1939, when 15 teachers joined together to create Desert Schools. Through providing financial services to our members, we learned about the needs of the whole community and looked for ways to make a difference.

We’re committed to providing tools, support and guidance to organizations and individuals dedicated to service. By helping each other, we all grow stronger together.Last year, we celebrated our 75th anniversary by providing special grants to community groups.

Visitors to our Shine On site learned about several amazing organizations and voted on which ones would receive additional grant funds.This year we’re recognizing six new worthy causes with grants of $5,000 each, and your votes can help each organization earn an additional $5,000!