Singleton Santa 2015

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that participated in this years Singleton Santa program!!

Special thank you to the Firecrackers Softball team for wrapping presents for the kids and the parents and all our volunteers that helped with the event and delivering Christmas gifts to all our Singleton Families.

This program would not be possible if it wasn’t for our amazing sponsors:

  • All Saints Lutheran Church
  • Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
  • Insys
  • MC Companies
  • Analise Vela
  • Barbara Ellery
  • Betty Rolon
  • Beth Cochran
  • Beth Sheets
  • Brooke Miller
  • Camille Williamson
  • CAP Jean Ash
  • Carrie Martin
  • Cassie Robles
  • Catherine Greco
  • Cathy Meredith & Sheila
  • Damian Chah
  • Debbie Bowman
  • Debbie Casey
  • Denise Miller
  • Desert Divas
  • Diane Sullivan
  • Elishwa Khnanisho
  • Ellen McMannus
  • Fester & Chapman
  • Jason Goetz
  • Jeanette Ortiz
  • JoAl & Greg Fyten
  • Junior League
  • Kate Delnero & Renee
  • Katherine Karpinsky
  • Kathleen Babilon
  • Kathie Figueroa
  • Katie Niver
  • Laura Peebles
  • Linda Costello/Morgan Stanley
  • Linda Houzenga
  • Lorrie Fickas
  • Marge Edwards
  • Marie Heimerdinger
  • Mary & Chad Williamsen
  • Michelle Hoffner
  • Myra Brennan
  • Nadine Reeves
  • Rebekah Long
  • Superlite Old Castle Architectural
  • Santa’s Helpers 4 Kids
  • Suzanne /Patrick Smith
  • Suzy Imel
  • Tempe/Mesa Moms Club
  • Tina Gleisner
  • Virginia Carl & Donna Miller
  • Maureen McCloud & Sandra Franks
  • TTI Technologies
  • Banana Republic Factory Outlet Stores
  • PF Changs/Pei Wei
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • and so, so many other friends and family “behind the scene” supporters.

Way to spread cheer and provide hope!

Quotes from our parents

Valarie M– We had an amazing Christmas thanks to Singleton Mom’s. I couldn’t believe all the incredible gifts. Thank you so much!!!!


Jen B– Thank you to singleton moms, Anne for all your hard work and our amazing group that got together to be our secret Santa! I was blown away and in tears so grateful!!! Mason was in Awww and had a wonderful Christmas. Love you all!!!


Elana W– Merry Christmas to all the Singleton Moms and Dads!!! Thank you from my children and I for the AMAZING Christmas gifts from our donor and to Singleton Moms for being the champion. Lots of love ????


Renee J– There aren’t any words to express my gratitude to Singleton Moms, Charity and my donors for making all my children’s wishes come true this Christmas! It has been a very tough year for them and it meant so much to me to see them so happy! God bless you all for your awesome generosity! ?


Denise M– Merry Christmas Singleton Moms, Kassie, and crew for making my Holiday with all six of my children fabulous. Words cannot express the joy and love that was showered over us. God is so good. I ask and pray that God will continue to bless you all and fill your lives with joy even more than the joy you all have filled my heart with. Off to the movies. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ?


Janet S– Thank you to Singleton Moms and Santa’s Helpers for making this Christmas grand. Arianna had a rough year with all of my multiple surgeries but this Christmas wiped some of that away. She was excited and had a wonderful day. To see her happy, makes me happy and takes alot of stress from me. So much love goes out to you….??❤????


Dani T– Thank you Singleton Moms for making a very hard day amazing! I was able to smile through the pain for a little bit. Thank you to those that donated and shopped.


Sasha F– Thank you singleton moms and my kind donor. This year has been a journey. I am so amazed by the generosity of the organization. Merry Christmas!


Tiffany M– Wow! PF Chang’s/Pei Wei was so generous! Thank you Singleton Moms & PF Chang’s for making this Christmas amazing!


Mary I– Thank you to Singleton Moms, PF Changs & Pei Wei for the generous gift. You have added a ray of light during this holiday which was going to be nothing for us. Dom & I are so grateful & blessed to have such Angels in our lives.


Connie G– Thank you Singleton Moms, PF Changs and Pei Wei for your generosity. This Christmas would have been pretty sparse if not for all of your efforts. We were so overwhelmed and excited with all of the gifts and outpouring of support. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.


Colleen B– Thank you Singleton Moms & the Ahwatukee Y. I’m overwhelmed. Merry Christmas


Monica G– Thank you to Singleton Moms and PF Chang’s!!!! You made my lil one very happy


Cassandra S– I can’t express how thankful me and my family are too the Singleton Mom family with you all our Christmas would have been nothing. When I got to see my children open the gifts I couldn’t control my joy I’m so beyond thankful to each and every one of you all. I know God Will bless you I just want it to be so abundant that you don’t have room enough to receive!!! Thank you so very much from me and my family??? Merry Christmas!!!

 Singleton Moms Holiday Party

Our Singleton Kids and the Firecracker’s Softball Team had a wonderful time decorating Gingerbread Houses and seeing Santa at the Bare Necessities Drive!