Volunteer Kiana Sears
Kiana Sears is a 38 year old wife and mother of two teens, 16 and 19, which consumes a lot of her energy. In her professional life she is a Public Utilities Consultant for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

With Singleton Moms she is a member of the Singleton Kids Committee and has been a Care Coordinator for several moms. Kiana loves to dance and socialize, learning about the diversity that the human experience offers. Meeting and sharing in the lives of people is her passion.

We asked Kiana a few questions about her time with Singleton Moms.

What brought you to Singleton Moms?
Youlanda White, an extraordinary lady, reached out to me for assistance as she was looking for a resource for a Singleton Mom. I heard the request and I immediately understood the need because my mother was a single parent that experienced Stage IV breast cancer when I was a teenager. I was interested in helping anyway I could as I wished an organization like this would have been available to supply my family emotional support when we had this great need. Once I discovered that Singleton Moms supplied meals, house cleanings, financial support, and emotional support, I became committed to helping them grow and serve as many single parents as possible.

What has been some of your most rewarding volunteer experiences?
The most rewarding part of volunteering is developing relations with the wonderful women that I come to love and consider less like friends but more like family, my sisters ( as the average age of a Singleton Mom is 36 yrs. young). Ironically, the moms that I have been paired with have been my age. Nothing brings me greater joy than to help out my family (Singleton Moms) when they need assistance the most. It thrills me to see the smiles on the mom’s faces when Singleton Moms helps them and their children by providing meals or basic household needs when the cupboards would otherwise be bare. The “Singleton Kids Program” warms my heart because you see an immediate impact. I go home after an evening of shopping with a family, so excited, it takes me hours to calm down because I know that no matter what the future may bring the impact of that night will be a long lasting one.

What keeps you volunteering at Singleton Moms?
I see that the need for our services continue to grow and I see the impact and difference Singleton Moms makes in the lives of families at such a critical and crucial time in their lives. Bringing a little hope and joy to our Moms and their children is a priceless experience.

Do you have any advice or wisdom for potential volunteers?
Just do it… don’t over think it. Don’t wait for a better time. We need you and your talent and gifts. You decided how much or little you can assist, we are grateful for any help. My promise to you: Volunteering for this organization will bless your life in unexpected ways.