"I like to know that people care about us."
Adriana, age 7

"I felt so alone after my diagnosed with cancer and did not
know how I was going to support my girls or if I could.
Your services have helped me a lot."

"Deliveries of Bare Necessities and Meals are great!
Especially when I am too sick to pick them up myself."

Dear Singletons Supporter,

Our Singletons families need our help more than ever, as they are considered a high-risk population, extremely vulnerable to the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak.

To focus on doing all we can to keep our staff, volunteers and Singletons families safe and healthy from the COVID-19, The Singletons office will be closed for the next 7 to 10 business days.

The staff will work from their homes and continue to respond to emails and phone calls.

Moreover, we have decided to cancel all volunteer opportunities until further notice. We will continue to update you all on these details as new information is processed, and a path forward becomes clear.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the unknowns of this challenging situation, while remaining focused on our programs running as normal as possible for our Singletons families.

Lastly, due to the limited supply of many of our most requested items, Bare Necessities requests will be filled as our donated supplies remain available.  Should you have the resources to help us in restocking these items please email Joanne@TheSingletonsAZ.org.

On behalf of The Singletons staff, may each day bring you and your family good health.

With Gratitude,

The Singletons Staff

Swing Into Spring 2020

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Join The Fight | Designate your AZ Tax Credit

Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can help support single parent families with cancer.

As a featured charity of the Executive Council Charities and their Support Arizona Youth (SAY) Campaign if you make your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit through their website, they will match 25% of your donation to The Singletons.

  • Our Volunteers – The Singleton community thrives on diversity. Each person who walks through our doors has the opportunity to find their purpose and know that the role they play truly makes a significant difference in the lives of our Singleton Families.  The generosity and love of our volunteers is second to none.
  • Our Support Services – Over the years, our Singleton leadership has been thoughtful about creating a wide variety of comprehensive practical programs focused on the day-to-day needs of the entire Singleton Family being affected by cancer.
  • Our Singleton Families – The strength and positivity that our Singleton Families radiate is truly touching and has served as inspiration for the continuation of our mission year after year. We are bringing light to a population that has not only been underserved but also under recognized.

Our resources are based solely upon community support.  The single most impactful way you can make a difference in the lives of these families is through monetary support.  Donor support allows us, through our essential programs, to reach more families in need throughout the Greater Phoenix area.

The support The Singletons provides keeps these families afloat.  Most importantly, helps these brave single parents and their young children feel they are not alone.

What Makes Singletons Unique?

Welcome to The Singletons

Meeting the Needs of Today…Providing Hope for Tomorrow

Life doesn’t stop with a cancer diagnosis.   The bills still need to be paid, dinners still need to be made, the house still needs essential supplies, and children still deserve a childhood.  Imagine your close friend, neighbor or family member is a struggling single parent undergoing cancer treatment OR a single parent anxiously nurturing a child through a cancer diagnosis.  Either scenario can create overwhelming hardships for everyone in the home.

What would you do to help?

The Singletons (formerly known as Singleton Moms) is a home grown, Arizona-based non-profit with a mighty vision.  We are a community dedicated to providing hope and support to single parent families with cancer.

Singleton Parents
Singleton Dad
Singleton Mom


We absolutely cannot do what we do, without your help!


Head, heart, and hands… lend them to make a very big impact!


The help YOU would want, if you were a single parent with cancer!


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